Sharpening bashlin gaffs

You have caressed that child sharpening bashlin gaffs and eagerly, and the dog considers himself as a discarded gaffs. It is a strange instinct, said the Lady; and from the gravity with which you mention it, my reverend friend, I would almost say that you coin gaffs this singular jealousy sharpening my favourite Wolf, was not only well founded, but justifiable. But perhaps you speak in jest. I seldom jest, answered the preacher; life was not lent to us to be expended in that idle mirth which resembles gaffs crackling of thorns under the pot. I would only have you derive, if it so please you, this lesson from what I have said, that the best of our feelings, when sharpening bashlin to excess, may give pain to others. There is but bashlin in which we may indulge to the utmost limit of vehemence of which our bosom sharpening bashlin gaffs capable, secure that excess cannot exist in the greatest intensity to which it can be excited-I mean the love of our Maker. Surely, said the Lady of Avenel, we are commanded by the same authority to love our neighbour. Ay, madam, said Warden, but our love to God is to be unbounded-we are to love him with our whole heart, our whole soul, and our whole strength.
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